Everything You Can Do At Atlantis In Dubai

Atlantis is located at Palm Dubai and is known as one of the most luxurious hotels one can stay at in the city. It is a tall red building you can see on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, a hub of shopping, luxury experiences, and non-stop entertainment. The hotel is open to all tourists and offers a wide range of activities for you to indulge in.

The word“Atlantis” first appears in mythology and ancient legends referring to the mysterious island and advanced civilization that sunk into the water thousands of years ago. It’s said the place was a beautiful acropolis and center of learning and knowledge connected to the mainland through a bridge system. This Atlantis may just be a namesake that sits at the very curve of the Palm Jumeirah island. However, it offers the same fascination and excitement for modern adventure seekers.

The Atlantis Palm Hotel is unlike any other hotel you’ll ever visit. This place has an endless amount of activities you can enjoy that are truly unique. Here are some incredible things you can do at Atlantis in Dubai.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving At The Palm

If you’re someone who wants to see the marine life up close and personal, book a snorkeling and scuba diving adventure at Atlantis. You’ll spend the day floating and swimming around 65,000 species from around the world. And this is truly a unique experience that you won’t forget. You don’t need to be an experienced scuba diver to enjoy this experience; It just needs your passion and enthusiasm to try something new.

You can try the ambassador lagoon, the largest open marine habitat in the Middle East, for a scuba diving session. You can dip with sting rays, gentle sharks, and colorful tropical fish. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your adventure list and get ready to dive into the unknown.

View The Majesty Of The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The underwater lost chambers aquarium is made up of 21 exhibits spanning more than ten chambers. And each chamber has a new world and a new view to offer you. The illuminated blue chambers will allow you to see the unique wildlife in one of the largest underwater aquariums in the world.

You’ll be looking at around 65,000 species of fish, like the exotic piranhas, eels, sharks, jellyfish, etc.

You can use the interactive screens on-site to learn more about the marine animals in their habitats. It’s one of the first aquariums to integrate interactive technology with a live marine life display.

Spend A Day At The Private Beach

Atlantis is known for its access to one of the most pristine beaches in Dubai. It’s 1.4 kilometers long and offers privacy from the general crowds where you can tan and relax on the beach. However, if you want to skip the sand, you can always spend time at the Atlantis swimming pools on the premises.

Explore The Aquaventure Water Park

If you’re looking for impressive water rides and an endless amount of fun, the Aquaventure water park should be on the top of your list. This water park is located inside the Atlantis palm resort and is open to anyone visiting Dubai, including the guests at the resort.

You can start your day by riding some of the craziest attractions or grab a slow raft ride and take in the adventurous vibes in the place. It’s a perfect place for young children because of its shallow pools and kiddy rides. There is something to attract everyone.

Also, if you’re looking to satisfy the adrenaline junky in you, try the leap of faith ride. You’ll find yourself sliding down at 60 miles per hour on a 27.5m tall and 61m long slide, ending with a plunge in a shark-infested lagoon. Talk about an adrenaline kick, phew!

Another thing you should explore is the underwater shark lagoon. You’ll be given scuba equipment to watch the shark up closed inside the water. You’ll also be able to explore the marine life on the reef and swim with porcupine rays, reef sharks, and colorful fish.

Spend A Day At The Shui Spa

Are you ready to relax and rejuvenate? Spend the day getting a relaxing spa treatment at the ShuQi spa. You can book your favorite spa treatments with one of the best professionals in Dubai who can help soothe and massage your worries away. The spa will help you become energized to take charge of your vacation and prepare for the day.

You can get a soak treatment with Himalayan salt and rose quartz body scrub at the spa. This will help you balance your chakras and encourage overall regeneration and healing in your body.

You can also get a massage with a hydrating facial to put some glow on your face. This purifying journey will leave you refreshed and balanced to take on the best Dubai has to offer.

Experience The Zip Line Adventure

Atlantis has an incredible zip-lining experience. You’ll be able to glide up to 10 miles per hour and take in the beauty of the Palm resort. And this is not anything like your usual zip lines. This line is integrated into a waterslide tower and is one of the largest zip line circuits in the Middle East.

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