Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Enjoy three of Dubai’s most magical experiences with a combo package that saves you the hassle of booking each activity separately. You’ll benefit from unrivalled views of top Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands and the World, and more during a sunrise hot-air balloon ride. Plus, you’ll ride a camel and get up close with a bird of prey during a falconry demonstration. Admire Dubai from a hot-air balloon and a camel A traditional, gourmet breakfast is included See more landmarks from the sky than would in days on land Hotel pickup and drop-off mean you don’t have to find a meeting point.

Gliding Above the Arabian Desert

Dubai is one of the most popular and amazing lands to experience many adventurous activities. It is the most famous city for tourism and provides many luxurious places to visit. Among the most famous and memorable activities, a hot air balloon ride in Dubai is the most amazing and entertaining activity to experience. Gliding above the arid and dry wilderness land seems like a distant fantasy. If you ever visit Dubai you should book your ticket for a hot air balloon ride above the Arabian desert of Dubai.

Enjoy Breakfast Before the Ride

During the whole tours of some hours you can see the amazing flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert. You can observe how camels wander the sands, hurrying antidorcas marsupials and sturdy Arabian Oryza in their natural habitat. If you book your ride for morning time you can get the facility of enjoying your breakfast while floating in the air. The companies who booked your rides provide pick and drop from your hotels to the place from where you will start your hot air balloon ride. 

They provide various types of fruits, hand-carved smoked salmon and caviar as a breakfast in the desert. Taking tea or coffee during the hot air balloon is very amazing so you should enjoy tea or coffee at the meeting point in the sky diving area. You can try to catch the glance of municipal wildlife of the Arabian Desert and can watch the parachute jumper in action during your hot air balloon ride in Dubai and also hawking over breakfast. 

Tickets Booking for Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can easily book your ticket for a hot air balloon ride by contacting us. The cost of a ticket per person varies according to the ages. The children below 12 years have a ticket cost half as compared to the adult persons. If you want to book your ticket for the whole family you can book a private hot air balloon for your enjoyment. The cost of the ticket also depends upon the weight of the rider. If the weight of the rider is above 120 kg it will charge double to enjoy the adventurous ride of a hot air balloon in the Arabian Desert.

Book Ride Early in the Morning

It is a very exciting and entertaining activity that most of the tourists experience when they visit the Arabian deserts of Dubai. It is the most peaceful and admiring place far from the noise or hustle and bustle from the city. Through a hot air balloon ride you can explore the amazing view of Arabian Desert above from the sky. Most of the people enjoy the moments of start and landing of the flight. Start is more amazing and interesting because at that time tourists are not aware what is going to happen with them. In the early morning you can enjoy the unforgettable view of the sun rising and the panoramic view of sand dunes in the untouched desert is very magnificent.

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Best Time to Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

Hot air ballooning is popular all over the year and you can easily enjoy this activity whenever you visit Dubai. This adventurous experience does not depend upon any specific season but you should always consider the weather condition before booking your ride. You can best enjoy this activity early in the morning or in the evenings when there are bright skies and winds blowing gently and smoothly. Do not travel during heavy rains or strong winds because it can cause difficulty for pilots to fly in terrible situations. Most of the tourists prefer to explore this experience early in the morning during the sun rising because it is the best time to observe nature and during the early morning weather conditions are also more favorable.

Skills Required for Hot Air Balloon Riding

 No special skills are required for the passengers for hot air balloon riding. Only the pilot should be trained and well experienced because the life of many people depends upon that person. Weather experts and the ground staff are always available to assist the pilot before the ride and during the landing. The passengers must read all the precautionary measures before the ride because safety rules are very essential to keep you safe and relax during the flight. Tourists must be encouraged to enjoy the hot air balloon ride in a more amazing way.

Things Need to Prepare for Hot Air Balloon Riding

To enjoy the ride in a more effective way passengers must wear light and comfortable clothes during the ride. You can choose the clothes according to the condition of the weather. If the weather is cold you should bring shawls or sweaters along with yourself. Try to wear joggers or sneakers because they are very comfortable. Do not wear heavy jewelry or other accessories during the ride. In order to capture the best moments or scenes you can bring cameras or mobile phones for photography. Your main focus should be to enjoy your ride to make it unforgettable throughout the whole lie. 

Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

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