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Sky Diving in Dubai

Dubai enjoys year-round sunshine and very little rain. However, summer in the desert can be hot, so to avoid the heat, the best time for skydiving is during the winter, from October to April.

We provide Skydive in Dubai If you are considering a first-time session, you don’t need to worry. The instructors will guide you through the whole process including a demonstration before even setting foot on a plane. Skydive locations in Dubai are world-renowned, with the best qualified instructors to gently guide you back on to the ground.

Those with more practice can explore advanced options like tandem skydiving, solo skydiving and the flight school. The dedicated flight school teaches you multiple forms like freely, canopy, formation, wingsuit coaching and free-load organizing. Take home the experience too with a video of your jump, thanks to the talented videographers.

Sky Diving in Dubai with Luxury Bookings

Dubai provides the best and enjoyable experiences on the land and sea. Most of the tourists visit the extraordinary like Burj Khalifa, luxury Dubai Mall, tranquil sea cruise, brown desserts and more other interesting places. But, now Dubai is also providing the best skydiving experiences in the sky. What can be more adventures than skydiving? Being dropped from the sky at “13,000 feet” above the sea level. So, it is the time to fulfill your precious dreams by fascinating this adventure activity for your next trip to Dubai land. Skydiving process is providing both outdoor and indoor options. Skydiving in Dubai is considered another level of excitement. It is one of the best experiences that you will not try anywhere in this world.

Kinds of Sky Diving in Dubai

1. Outdoor Sky Diving

Outdoor skydiving process takes place in the open area of the open sky. If you have never tried the skydiving experience or activity before, you would be part of the tandem skydiving; it means that you have to bond with professional skydivers during this hilarious and wonderful experience. But you can only enjoy the jump when you have a skydiving license. Once you are allowed to, you can equip yourself with all safety measures and the professional will explain to you all the procedures of the skydiving process. You will jump at the height of 13,000 feet from the sky. This is the place where the first act takes place. During the process of skydiving, the instructor is recording the whole experience. You will be free for the first 60 seconds. When you reach the height of 6000 feet, your parachute will be opened. Enjoy the breathtaking view for 4-5 minutes before you reach the ground and land with safety. Skydivers are the outdoor operators in the skydiving Dubai. Sky diving takes place under the supervision of world class or expert trainers with all safety measures.

Rules for the Outdoor Sky Diving

  • The age required for the divers must be 18+ years.
  • No one will be addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • Male weight: 100 kg or less. Max weight of BMI is 30.0

  • Female weight: 90.0 kg or less. Max weight BMI of 27.5

Locations for Outdoor Sky Diving in Dubai

1. Palm zone:-

Palm Zone is a more premium location for the greatest skydiving experience. It throws you above the azure blue water at the location of Palm Island. Here you can get an enjoyable view of the Dubai Skyline with the wonderful attractions of the Dubai city like Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab and other popular places.

2. Desert Zone:-

Professionals of skydivers in Dubai will provide you a unique experience with one side of desert and the other side is ocean. Their location is outside the Dubai city. During the experience, while skydiving you can enjoy the stunning sand dunes as well as the Dubai skyline in the distance. Furthermore, you can also learn from the professional stunners on both locations.

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2. Indoor Skydiving in Dubai:

If you do not know about the experience of indoor skydiving, now you can have this indoor experience as well. With the availability of advanced technology, they develop to face off gravity without the jump out of the airplane. It is a new and advanced concept, those who do not want to try outdoor skydiving just because they are scared.

Process of Indoor skydiving

In this, you have to strap with the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel. Air conditioners and powerful fans are part of this tunnel. With the help of this you can float in the air three meters from the ground. The tunnel is completely covered with acrylic glass for the safety measures. With the help of state of the art and simulations, you will feel that you are skydiving in real life.

Few rules for indoor skydiving process in Dubai
· The minimum age required for the age of divers is 12 years.
· Weight barrier: should be under 180 cm: 105kg maximum and over 180 cm : 115 kg maximum.

Operators of Skydiving in Dubai

In-flight Dubai

The size of In-flight Dubai is about 16.5 diameters and it is considered one of the enormous tunnels in the world. It is located at the prime spot opposite the desert zone of Skydiving Dubai. In this great journey skydivers will combine the pleasure of both outdoor and indoor skydiving experience. They also arrange the sports competition for the enjoyment of tourists and citizens.

iFly Dubai

ifly is the world’s first indoor skydiving place located in the mall. The tunnel is about 10 feet and it is the part of the entertainment complex and Play Mania. While indoor skydiving, you can also enjoy bowling, indoor skiing, football and so much more.

Essential Things to Considered Before Going for Skydiving in Dubai

· Divers must be at the age of 18+ and weigh less than 100 kg or less. Checking the BMI of individuals also matters.
· If the weather is not safe like predictions of sand storm so, your schedule will be re-arrange or called off.
· The process of skydiving time is around 3 hours and the dive is done in ten minutes
· If you have a height phobia then you should not get yourself involved in this risk of Sky Diving
· People who are suffering from severe medical conditions are not allowed for their safety measures.

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