Ain Dubai Tour

Ain Dubai Tour with Luxury Bookings

Ain Dubai is a breathtaking destination. If you have not been to this gigantic wheel yet, then it is high time that you should. As one of the most visited and amused places in the UAE, you can ride on this ferris wheel and the estimated time of a ride is around thirty eight minutes. One of the best ways to visit this beautiful emirate is by using our luxury booking services available online. Ain Dubai is owned by the Chairman of the Dubai Media Council and this Ferris Wheel comes under the biggest ride to enjoy in the world. 

The Ain Dubai also holds the world record for the most passengers that can ride at the same time, with a maximum capacity of 1,750 people. Each cabin is secured and can hold up to 40 riders, which is a best opportunity given in Dubai to enjoy the view.

Ain Dubai House Boat Tour

What could be more romantic than sailing along Dubai’s man made canals as they start to light up at dusk? You can enjoy the views from the open-air or air-conditioned lower deck.

As you cruise by, you will get to see Ain Dubai, the world’s gigantic Ferris Wheel. This is a relaxing and budget-friendly must to do activity for when you are in Dubai. You can avail to reserve your seats in house boats so you do not have to the last minute struggles.

Tickets for Ain Dubai:

With a premium ticket, you get to enjoy a  luxurious experience in an air-conditioned cabin as you get the breathtaking Dubai skyline view. The cabin is spacious and takes you 250 meters up from the ground in just thirty eight minutes – giving you plenty of time to take in the stunning views.

With Ain Dubai Combo tickets, money and time are saved as more than one place and landmarks can be visited with a single ticket in Dubai. The combo tickets offer you the perfect and unforgettable 38 minutes ride on the Ain Dubai which is listed as the top biggest Ferris wheel.

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Ain Dubai Yacht Experience:

Ain Dubai, the Dubai Ferris Wheel, is everything it is hyped up to be and more. You can dine there with your friends and family with a full opportunity to dine out under the sky or inside an air conditioned area.

There are birthday packages also available for celebrations. When you hire a private yacht you can even do a destination wedding as well. The best place to propose the love of your life to grow old with you or just to celebrate your silver jubilee. In all of that is always there to help you out and offer you the best possible deals in the market.

Why Should You Must Visit Ain Dubai?

Taking a ride on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel was an experience in itself. If you want to see Dubai in all its glory, the best way to do it is from high up above. Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest ferris wheel, offers stunning views of the cityscape from its air-conditioned cabins.

When you ride Ain Dubai the first thing that you witness is Burj Khalifa which is also a man made wonder in itself. Burj khalifa has 160 floors and is located right next to the Dubai mall. After that another man made wonder you will see is Palm Jumeirah.

This island is shaped like a palm tree and has a luxury hotel Atlantis where you will enjoy the aquaventure waterpark. Last but not least, Burj al Arab will also be witnessed while taking a thirty eight minute long ride in the world’s biggest ferris wheel.

Ain Dubai Observation Wheel

Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Ain Dubai

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