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Xline Zipline in Dubai

Experience an aerial adventure most travelers miss with a flight on the Dubai Marina XLine Zipline. The world’s longest urban zipline, this 0.5-mile (1-kilometer) 2-wire line rockets you through the air at around 50 mph (80 kph) above the marina. Prebook to obtain your ideal time slot, strap into your safety harness and you’re away—with souvenir photos and video footage provided post-flight. Upgrade to add private transfers and perhaps book for two people to ride the parallel wires simultaneously. Combine scenery and adventure on 2-line Dubai Marina zipline flight Enjoy aerial views and flying sensation that most tourists never experience Solo or duo flights, with equipment and souvenir photos and video included Flexible time slots and optional private transfers for added convenience

Dubai is the best place in the world where you can experience a lot of adventurous activities. You can enjoy your weekends or long vacations over there and can make your holidays more memorable. You can explore and enjoy many aquatic and land activities in this city. But the most exciting thing is you can enjoy many aerial activities in this city. Among the most entertaining and exciting activities, Xline Zipline is the best one you should experience once in your life. This urban zipline is the longest zipline situated in Dubai. You can enjoy many hair-raising adventures in the urban landscape. Through this aerial activity you can enjoy the natural views of Dubai through a birds eye view. If you want to book your ticket for this activity you need to know about the complete guideline. 

Here we will discuss how you can book your tickets for this adventurous activity? What are the opening hours for this activity? What is the price of the ticket? Location where this zipline is situated? Best time to experience this activity and total duration of ziplining.

Why Visit Xline Zipline in Dubai?

There are many factors which attract you to experience this activity whenever you visit Dubai.

  • Dubai Xline zipline is the longest zipline approximately one kilometer long approaching the Dubai Marina. 
  • This zipline offers an unparalleled urban adventure experience and provides you all safety measurements because this activity is handled by expert adventurers. 
  • You can enjoy the experience of the Xline zipline with your partner, your sibling or your best friend cousins because it contains two parallel ziplines together. 
  • You can capture your thrilling activity and can show your video to your close relatives and friends when you go back home. You must share your experience with your family and friends and force them to experience this activity to make their Dubai trip unforgettable. 
  • This zipline is not only long but also has a height of 170m and goes from 0 to 60 kmph in two and half seconds. It stretches out at its high speed of 80 kmph.

Which Xline Dubai Tickets Should Buy?

The most famous place to experience this adventurous activity is Xline zipline situated in Dubai Marina mall. It is the most attractive and entertaining place for tourists because here you can freely enjoy this activity in a perfect way. As it is the longest and famous zipline in the whole world, the crowd is obvious. You have to wait in a long queue for your turn or you have already booked your ticket for this activity. Pre booking for this activity can save your energy and time to some extent.  Here is some essential information about the Xline zipline. 

  • A limited edition Xline shirt is necessary to wear during this activity. So, you should bring one companion with you who will quickly bring your t-shirt by choosing the best one. 
  • Before starting your zipline activity you should read all the safety requirements and must follow all the rules and regulations. If you will not meet all the safety requirements you will not be allowed to take part in this activity. Another disadvantage of not following the rules is that you cannot refund your money which you have already paid for your ticket. 
  • One of the best things is that you can enjoy and experience this adventurous activity with your best friend due to the availability of two parallel Ziplines together. 
  • The total duration for this activity is one hour but after exploring this activity you are unable to forget this activity for your whole life. 
  • You are provided with the special camera before the start of this activity. In this camera you can capture your exciting experience. You can enjoy the best view of the marina below the Cayan tower.

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Price of Dubai Xline Zipline Ticket

Before booking your ticket for this activity it is very essential to know about the price of the ticket. Sometimes the ticket for many adventurous activities is very high which is unaffordable for all. Due to high prices tourists leave the activities for next time but the Xline Zipline in Dubai is not expensive. You can afford this activity on your first tour. If you want to experience this activity solely, the solo zipline ticket price will be AED 650. If you will experience this activity with your friend or with another family member the price of the ticket will be AED 1200.

Best Time to Visit Xline in Dubai and Opening Hours

Opening hours for the zipline in Dubai is from 9am to 4pm but the line is not open on all the days except Wednesday. If you want to fully enjoy this activity you should go for this activity in early morning or in late evening. In these both times the crowd is less and you can entertain from this activity without facing any difficulties. You should visit the Dubai Marina Zipline in the winter season in the month of November to February. In the winter season the weather is most favorable to explore this activity in the best way. 

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