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Overview of Burj Al Arab

The iconic Burj Al Arab was established in 1999. It is one of the best premium hotels in Dubai. The luxurious Burj Al Arab was located on an artificial land named Jumeirah Road. Its architecture is in the shape of a dhow sail. This luxury landmark houses a blemish of shiny chauffeur driven private and limousines Helipad. If you are not staying in the restaurant, there is a need to reserve the past lobby security to visit Burj Al Arab. Talking of this iconic place, Burj Al Arab features a glamorous fountain, an attractive lobby and richness of 203 suites. View the city at a height of 180 meters and the royalty element of the hotel is brought out by its interior designs garnished with pure gold.

Best things to do at the luxurious Burj Al Arab tour in Dubai

  1. Visit the world’s most iconic hotel spa
    The world famous and sophisticated Talise spa was awarded in 2014. From the world popular treatments from Aromatherapy associates, QMS, La Prairie and Carol joy. It would be the best spa routine that you will remember for several years.
    The best time to visit the spa is 9:15 AM to 9: PM
  2. Afternoon high tea at sky view bar
    Having a high tea at the top of the Burj Al Arab with the world class and excellent variety of coffees, teas and snacks. The World Island and Palm Jumeirah make this wonderful view fantastic and interesting.
    Timings for visit.
    Window seating: – 3:00 PM
    Non-Window seating: – 3:15 PM
    Few popular restaurants to visit
    Al Mahara Seafood restaurant
    Al Mahara restaurant is the oyster shell designed inside the iconic hotel Burj Al Arab. The stunning ceiling to floor an attractive aquarium inside the popular Al Maha restaurant. It has an ability to set the iconic scenes in the eye of the tourists that stimulates all the senses of visitors. The restaurant is based on the one dining room that is built in a big circle around the aquarium. Luxury tables and chairs give enough comfort and space to enjoy the innovative culinary set.
    Timings: – 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
  3. Few popular restaurants to visit
  • Al Mahara Seafood restaurant

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Luxury Burj Al Arab Beach in Dubai

The iconic Burj Al Arab beach is a public beach around the world’s most famous hotel. It is located in the Umm Suqeim area, it is also known as Sunset beach or Umm Suqeim beach. This place is considered the most photographed place in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab attracts the crowd who want to relax and spend their holidays after the busy routines. Burj Al Arab beach is totally peaceful and empty for those who want to rediscover and revitalize themselves. There is also a small play area for children.

Things to do at Luxury Al Arab Beach in Dubai

  • This wonderful beach is also suitable for morning runs, so do not forget your running shoes.
  • There is also a park, with free entry in which several sports areas are designed for sport lovers. 
  • Facility to play volleyball with the net provided in the beach.

Tips for visiting Burj Al Arab beach

  • On the beach side there are no washrooms but in the park, the facilities of washrooms are available.
  • The ambulances and police take regular rounds for the safety measures for people.
  • Sometimes, there are rough waves and the surface of underneath water is very uneven so, take care of yourself and others

Luxury Booking of Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate and city in the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for luxurious places, shopping malls, lovely nightlife scenes and ultramodern architecture. The luxury Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest tower, is about 830m. It is also the world’s largest tourism destination, managed by Jumeirah group. Most tourists and citizens of Dubai city enjoy their happiest days with their family and friends. Here visitors explore the new place. Burj Al Arab is the most visited place by tourists. People reserve their bookings in advance to enjoy interesting and attractive views. It has different packages according to their schedules. Our website for booking the iconic Burj Al Arab tour in Dubai is enough to provide all information about the booking criteria. So, it is the time to book lavish and luxury Burj Al Arab restaurants to make your holidays more interesting and memorable.
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