Wedding and Birthday Event

Wedding and Birthday Event

Dubai is the most luxurious place for any traveler out there! But how about searching for the best luxury wedding, birthday venue, family private event, iftar party and eid party event venues in Dubai that meet each and every single necessary need and provides a perfect moment for families to admire their entire life. By all means, planning a perfect event in Dubai and managing all other things with the venues is a very challenging task. For that reason, we have collected a list of top best luxury venues in Dubai that helps all the planning and ensure your occasion becomes the memorable part of your whole life. So you can book the best luxury venue in Dubai for different types of events such as weddings, birthday parties, iftar parties, eid parties or private family events.

List of Luxury Venues in Dubai

1-Al Maha Desert Resort

Al Maha desert resort is the signature realm of top event venues in Dubai especially for weddings. The delicate background of sand dunes and thriven sunset in the middle of the arid desert with fantastic amenities of resorts, is appealing enough to book the whole venue or your special event. There are plenty of desert activities and magnificently cooperative services that make the fantasy of a perfect wedding fulfilled. Al Maha desert resort is a part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, therefore you can also book private family events, birthday party events or wedding celebrations here. Al Maha resort has a capacity of more than 300 guests. So, this is the best luxury venue in Dubai for you, if you want a memorable event.

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2- The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton is one of the best event venues in Dubai with a beach front view and much more. The families who desire to enjoy their specific day under enthralling outlooks, luxuriant lawns and traditional decorations, can absolutely do this venue without any hesitation. The graceful setting for an amazing wedding, birthday party or any other private family event is quite accessible to organize in The Ritz Carlton. This elegant venue has a capacity of up to 200 guests and this is one of the most affordable venues in Dubai. The Ritz Carlton, Dubai is confident to create your specific day truly enduring and memorable. Professional event planners, an in-house florist and an innovative cooking team work together to boost each  and every event package. You can enjoy here the following things,

  •         A beach side desert situated in the center of Dubai Marina.
  •         Gardens near the seaside and a graceful indoor ballroom.
  •         Wonderful arrangement to enjoy the pleasant view of sunset over Ain Dubai.
  •         An award winning and experienced cooking team who will set the buffet or menu to your descriptions.

·         Extravagant rooms and apartments with a private terrace.

3- Le Royal Meridien

Le Royal Meridien is an affluent and expensive event venue located in Dubai for different types of events such as birthday party, wedding ceremonies, iftar party, eid party and other private family events. Le Royal Meridien provides delicious food and exemplary wedding and birthday cakes together with outstanding event packages in the hotels of Dubai. Whether you are organizing for an appointed hour with a conventional theme or go by the modern trends, the Royal Meridien has it all. The extraordinary cooperative staff makes sure that all the requirements are properly fulfilled. If you book this venue for any special event, then The Le Royal Meridien makes your day completely memorable for your lifetime. The Le Royal Meridien has a seating capacity for approximately 150 guests. So, that is the reason the Le Royal Meridien is also an affordable venue in Dubai.

4- Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis is a great Dubai hotel located on the Palm, a man-made island that has captured the imagination of the world with its impressive scale and brilliance. From the time you come up, you will be mesmerized in a sensational world of creativity, amusement and luxury.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai has approximately 1539 guest rooms as well as 166 suites all with a different aquatic theme. Each and every room of the hotel has amazing views of the Arabian Gulf or the Palm itself. The amenities provided in the Atlantis The Palm, Dubai event areas are fantastic.

Atlantis the Palm provides a large number of indoor function spaces that perfectly caters for large conferences, gala dinners, birthday parties, eid and iftar parties and wedding ceremonies. The Royal Terrace, Zero Entry Pool, and Asateer are some outdoor spaces for events in Atlantis The Palm that can be utilized to make something amazing. Atlantis The Palm is one of the most luxury event venues in Dubai and has the ability to transform a moment into an experience.

5- Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club consists of fresh green polo fields that seem much more in the evening sky of Dubai. Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club is a place where private family events, birthday parties and wedding ceremonies are within reach.

Your particular event is customized thoroughly to you, with distinctive features like exclusive decorations, wedding and birthday cakes, entertainment and menus of your choice and style.

The estimated cost per head in Dubai Polo Equestrian Club starts from $60 to $100. This elegant hotel has a capacity of 400 guests along with a buffet.

6- Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Arising from the Arabian Gulf on an island 280 meters away from the sea coast of the famous Jumeirah Beach and created to feature elegant yachts of an Arabian Dhow, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah rises to a height of 321 meters, dominating the coastline of Dubai. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has been identified as one of the best hotels in the world and provides the utmost in luxury accommodations.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is considered as the famous landmark of Dubai. The interior architecture of this amazing hotel is expressive of a modern Arabian fantasy. Unique events deserve a unique address. Exciting and creative, The Burj Al Jumeirah, Dubai event spaces are adapted with the modern technology and latest facilities, creating each and every event an unforgettable one.

The Burj Al Jumeirah, Dubai is designed to adapt a broad variety of celebrations, from weddings to birthday parties, and social events, indoor and outdoor events, a professional team and the best venue will ensure the perfection of the event. The Burj Al Jumeirah has a capacity of 2500 guests.

7- Emirates Palace

Emirate Palace is the royal decoration to any type of event particularly for wedding ceremonies. Emirate palace is a classic building with an attractive interior and exterior ornamentation.

It will not be blunt in case that someone says this hotel seems like the set of an extravagant and expensive Bollywood movie. The cooperative staff and event planner team is trained professionally to manage all the activities smoothly.

It ensures that the entire event transforms into a cinematic event that each end every single person will remember in his entire life. The guest capacity of Emirate Palace ranges from 30 to 2,000 guests.

8- Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is one of the oldest and most popular hotels in Dubai. Crowne Plaza has been a very famous venue for different events in Dubai such as birthday parties, iftar and eid parties, wedding ceremonies and many other private family events.

It is the best place for wedding ceremonies because of the knots of many couples and togetherness among various generations. Crowne Plaza has also a facility of audio-video screens. You will not discover any problem in turning this place into a particular event, such as other event venues.

The experience and pre planned matters of the Crowne Palace bring down plenty of work from your shoulders. Planning a grant event of any type is not a bug issue in Crowne Palace because it has a seating capacity of more than 1,000 guests.

9- JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is one of the most famous venues for different events in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

The enthralling energy of the city soaking the thrilling music and exciting chilling locations of the hotel make this place the best excited ground for celebrations.

The pool terrace in JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is one of the great highlights that include another grace to the whole event. However, the terrace has an outstanding view of Dubai along with the Burj Khalifa. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel has a capacity of approximately 1,000 guests.

10- Nikki Beach Resort and Spa

Nikki Beach resort and Spa is an ideal arrangement of an event venue in Dubai assorted with a beachfront with the background of breathtaking Pearl Jumeirah.

If you want a picturesque location for your wedding or birthday party, then Nikki Beach Resort and Spa is a perfect option for you. An exceptional event with amazing views and an exclusive setting through the beach is indeed a perfect scenario for everyone.

The resort also provides access to a private terrace, private rooftop pool, luxury villas, and many more. The average guest capacity of Nikki Beach Resort and Spa is more than 500 guests. 

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