Frame of Dubai

Frame of Dubai

Dubai is a golden city well known for its Luxurious Lifestyle has appended yet another feather to its cap. One of the most paradigmatic structures, “Dubai Frame” is the largest frame which contains all the spectacular and delightful views of ancient and new Dubai. This beautiful frame is situated at Zabeel park in Dubai.

This famous frame shows 360-degree of the past residing in old Dubai and the presently developing modern Dubai. This popular and majestic monument tells the story of Dubai’s history belonging to its fascination and prestigiousness. It was opened for the tourists in 2018 and has swiftly turned into one of the most famous allurements in the entire UAE.

It will definitely be worthwhile if you will visit the Frame of Dubai in your vacations. It is the best place to know about all the history and present of this golden city. Luxury is now offering a trip to Dubai Frame with the same Luxury Lifestyle, which is the tagline of Dubai. Let us organize this visit for you to make it more Luxurious and Memorable..

Iconic Landmark- A Brief Overview

This magnificent frame is the world’s largest picture frame which is 93 meters wide and 150 meters high. To build this majestic museum they used 9900 cubic meters of augmented concrete, 2000 tons of steel and 2900 square meters of laminated glass. You can see Dubai’s historic neighborhoods framed within the gleamed structure from the North side. When you have a look to the south it frames a flagrant underpinning and pretty skyscrapers which it is popular for.

This historic frame is very contentious as well as splendid. This amazing frame was designed by architect Fernando Donis who has won the award in an international competition held by Dubai competition.  Even though his idea was embraced for the now-paradigmatic benchmark, he did not earn any payment for his work and pleaded with the municipality too for plundering his cognitive belongings. If you want to visit this inspiring Frame of Dubai you can Book your Slot right away with luxury Our expert staff can provide you with all the important information and essential instructions about the visit of this magnificent place and arrange the luxury ride to get you to this marvelous place.

Things to know before you Visit to Frame Dubai

This splendid and bewitching frame is always open for the tourists throughout the year. The way of the park where this frame is located is somehow difficult and confusing. If you want to reach this park without facing any hardships you can book your tickets through luxury from our website. Our Guides are very able and will take you straight to this frame. You should visit this place in the working days because on working days there are fewer visitors in this park and you can easily concentrate on each picture present in this frame. This frame is also open on public holidays and on weekends. The opening hours to visit this frame Dubai are 09:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. but this timing may change in the holy month of Ramadan.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai Frame

If you want to make your tour memorable and amazing you should visit frame Dubai during the month of September. In the month of September the weather of Dubai is very pleasant and you can enjoy your experience in a more effective way due to milder weather. Our luxury booking agency recommended visiting this frame in the early morning or in the evening. You can enjoy the incredible stinking view during the morning hours but in the evening you can watch the sunset view as well along with a visit of beautiful scenery of Dubai history and present development.  On weekends and during the festival events you could face a lot of crowd so in order to avoid this crowd you should try to visit on weekdays. You can get complete information about the best visit timings with luxury ride and Guide, from

Things to Keep in Mind During Visit at Frame Dubai

  • You must avoid carrying any sharp objects and toys at this place.
  • Smoking is strictly banned in the park premises where this frame is located.
  • You can wear any dress during the visit, not any specific dress is required. 
  • Baby carts and heavy bags are factually restricted so you should carry small clutches and handbags along with yourself. 
  • You are also not allowed to touch the entire precious article or modules on display. 

You should read all the instructions before visiting the Frame of Dubai. Fore more details you can fill the form and our representative will contact you to book your trip with Luxury

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

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