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Enjoy an evening of unforgettable entertainment at the La Perle by Dragone show at Al Habtoor City in Dubai. The live performance is a dazzling spectacle of theatre and acrobatics, combining thrilling aerial and aquatic stunts with atmospheric music and special effects. Your admission ticket includes a choice of showtimes and seating options. Upgrade to a Platinum or VIP ticket for additional benefits like canapes, drinks, and a backstage tour. La Perle by Dragone admission ticket at Al Habtoor City in Dubai Experience the spectacular La Perle by Dragone live show Be amazed by acrobatic feats, thrilling aerial displays, and aquatic stunts Enjoy magnificent views of the purpose-built set, including an on-stage pool Choose from different show times and various seating options

Introduction to La Perle Dubai Show

It is the exciting part of the entertainment located at Al Habtoor city. On September 2017, this theater was established, organized and envisioned by Artistic Franco Dragone, he was the founder of the Dragon Studios, it refers to the Belgian firm that is famous for the creation of large scale theater shows, in which stunts and theatrics were influenced by the theme of Dubai’s heritage culture. It is the fabulous fusion and action of the hypnotic artistic performances which is based on the advanced technology and imaginary, involve aqua and aerial stunts with the special effects in the aqua show that utilize the state of artistic technology.
In this theater show, approx 23 countries perform amazing and breathtaking performances including flying, diving, contortion, acrobatics, gravity defying motor cycling. One of the best features of the La Perle show is that most of the shows are designed in the undergone adaptations to strap the stages for the hosting. The stage of the theater was tailor made with the act itself in mind. In the La Perle theater the 270 degree seats are arranged and create an intimate or immersive experience of the spectators. La Perle Dubai show occurs twice a night time per week with the 20 acts, the La Perel theater will be run at least the next 10 years according to their founder.

Luxury Bookings Offers You a Memorable Night at La Perle Dubai Show

La Perle Dubai is the popular theater show in Dubai, which is based on the story encouraged by the spirit of Dubai. It is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai named as “Al Habtoor city” this show was the creation of legendary Art Director Franco Dragone” who was popular for his theatrical niche, Le Reve is located in Las Vegas and the house of the Dancing in Macau. La Perle concept was introduced by the Dragone, it is the aqua based theater that combines the acrobatics and breathtaking stunts with the amazing effects to express the whole story. The theater is organized to attract the imagination of adults and kids alike with the help of live stunts and the special visual effects at the stage and leave them astonished or confused.

The Highlights of La Perle Dubai Theater

The first La Perel theater in Dubai, organized the theater with the capacity of 1300 seats, over 140 rows in a 270 degree orientation for an amazing experience. The seating arrangements will rely on the different kinds of experiences that you will want in front of you. During the show, you will feel the strong wind or water hit by the snow and you also feel that the acrobatics fly very near to you. Furthermore, in your back you will feel the great impression in the terms of the structure of the theater. The aqua show is considered the first show to grasp the 2.7 trillion water and magically convert the wet stage into dry in the seconds. You can enjoy the flooded stage with water, witness waterfalls coming from the walls, rain inside the La Perle and the professional diving 25 meters on the stage pool.

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The Highlights of La Perle Dubai Theater

It is an amazing experience that every surface wants on the screen, with high quality sound systems fixed in the walls, sets projects on the walls and this all was organized behind the seats and the center of the auditorium. From 65 world class performers, 23 countries perform extraordinary and breathtaking actions in acrobatics, diving, flying, aquatic stunts and other enjoyable activities. Easy access to hotels, food and beverages. Having an option to choose from more than 20 hotels and the bars in the Atrium located next to the theater. Buy the theater’s exclusive tickets and be a part of the magic show.

La Perle Dubai Timings, Venue and Tickets

La Perle Dubai Venue is located at the Al Habtoor City, in the heart of Downtown Dubai, off the popular Sheikh Zayed Road. The nearest metro station is Business Bay. The easiest and simplest way to capture the cabs is HILTON AL HABTOOR COMPLEX Theater Timings. The show runs twice a day, 5 days a week. Tuesday to Friday: – 7:00 PM and 9:00PM Saturday timing: – 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Few Things are Necessary to Consider

The theater ticket is only for show and in which food, merchandise cost and parking is not included.

The show runs for 90 minutes without any kind of interval. Avoid being late, because latecomers are not allowed to sit in the theater until the suitable intermissions and this action is taken to avoid the disturbance of others.

If you lose or forget the ticket, you have to buy replica tickets or need to show the proof to purchase the ticket.

Children who are more than 12 years, need to purchase a ticket and kids under the age of two years are not allowed to attend the show.

Book your La Perle Dubai Show with LuxuryBookings

Inspired by the vibrant or rich culture and aspiration of Dubai, La Perle Dubai is all about the fantastic or aerial stunts, visual effects and extraordinary sets, enjoyable moments that make the adults and kids speechless. This show is a Platform of full of entertainment in UAE and creates visual stunts and wonderful experiences for your whole family. So, it is the right place for you to get the memorable memories. Getting the LA Perle tickets is very challenging due to the high demand so, if you want the tickets, book your La Perle tickets in advance.

Hurry and get the tickets of La Perle Dubai, the extraordinary features are based on the breathtaking act of excellent artistic performance, technology and imagination. This show is hosted in the Al Habtoor City with attractive light and sound systems.

Do not waste your precious time, now book your favorite slot of La Perle show tickets in Dubai and enjoy the breathtaking spectacle show that is full of fabulous or inspiring stunts and imaginary performances. You can also be entertained with the availability of several attractive packages of the luxurious La Perle. Here you make unforgettable moments with your one once. Book your La Perle Show Night with, We offer luxury Pick and Drop on demand and complete arrangement of your family vacation to world class activities in Dubai.

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