Penthouse & Presidential Suites

This three-storey penthouse promises an indulgent and unforgettable stay.

Penthouse and Presidential Suites for Rent in Dubai

Reshape your Living Standard by Staying in Presidential Suites and Penthouse in Dubai!

Luxury presidential suites and penthouses signify sophistication and provide you with luxurious lifestyle. You can create your memorable memories by opting for rental luxury penthouses and presidential suites while your stay in Dubai. You can have your ideal dream fulfilled by living a luxuriously perfect life in the rental penthouses in Dubai. 

We are offering a list of luxurious penthouses for rent in Dubai which are equipped with the designs and technology made according to the international standard. And, you can adore the skyline which looks more spectacular from the luxurious rooms of the penthouses in Dubai. You cannot disagree with the fact that living in these luxury penthouses in Dubai or your vacations is a matchless experience. Having your dream penthouse on rent can give unforgettable and cherishing memories on your vacations while your stay in Dubai as you can enjoy the enthralling views from the windows of the lavish rooms of penthouses which are located on the top floor of the apartment.

Most of the presidential suites and penthouses in Dubai are situated in most multiethnic areas and they are constructed and designed in high-tech way and they are up-to-date as required by the visitors who look for luxury lifestyle in Dubai. Areas like Jumeirah Beach Residence, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Tower, and Dubai International Financial Center area embrace most of the best presidential suites and penthouses of Dubai. There are the windows that are floor-to-ceiling to give you cherishing and serene view from the top floor of the tall buildings and these penthouses are also offering serene oceanic views from the windows of the luxury penthouses. You can also enjoy Jacuzzi and swimming pools while your stay in these luxury penthouses in Dubai.

Relax on the spacious private terrace or host a meeting or dinner in one of the elegant reception rooms. The Penthouse can also be extended into a four-bedroom suite. With unobstructed corner views of the Arabian Gulf, the Presidential Suite is located closest to the beachfront on our penthouse floor. Multiple balconies serve their own unique purposes, as do each of the suite’s rooms, artfully furnished for work, play and rest.

Guests: 1
Age: 13+
Age: 2-12
Age under 2

Amenities you'll love

for every penthouse room

Bathrobes, designer bathroom amenities and bathroom TVs

Premium alarm clock, music player and multi-device charger

PlayStation available upon request (deposit required)

One 55-inch widescreen Full HD LED TV and one 43-inch widescreen Full HD LED TV

Complimentary access to Jumeirah’s private beach (once per person, per stay)

Spacious bathroom with walk-in shower and separate bath

Complimentary buffet breakfast in Nomad, serving from 06:30 to 11:00

Happy Hour from 17:30 to 19:00 at Nomad

Complimentary pressing for up to three items during a stay

Complimentary Wi-fi access

Presidential Suites for Rent in Dubai

Hotels provide a most luxurious accommodation for the visitors which is known as presidential suite. Each hotel usually contain no more than two presidential suites. Such luxury travelers who look for high standard accommodation opt for these suites. High rated international travelers are usually offered with presidential suites for their stay. For instance, CEOs, heads of the state, renowned celebrities and such individuals who have high-net-worth, are given with these presidential suites. 

These rental presidential suites in Dubai are equipped with ultramodern technology, separate living and sleeping quarters, outdoor terraces, personal kitchen and wet bar, high-tech security system and a large working space. You can also get the bespoke artwork and interior designing for your purchased presidential suite in Dubai.

What is being offered in Penthouses and Presidential Suites of Dubai?

Convenience, privacy and security are some major perks of the penthouses and presidential suites in Dubai. Wealthy business travelers, international and royal delegations, can benefit from the separate meeting space in their presidential suites. On the other hand, you can enjoy all the perks of high class security, privacy and up-to-date lifestyle if you stay in the penthouses of Dubai. You can further have ready access to the outdoor terrace, swimming pool, Jacuzzi once you opt for the luxury presidential suites and penthouses of Dubai and you can also mesmerize with the Dubai skyline’s premium views from your floor-to-ceiling windows. 

In addition to this, these luxury presidential suites and penthouses are also offering high-tech and full scale on-demand fitness room which can help you maintain your healthy routine on your vacations. These luxury penthouses are equipped with ultramodern and fully integrated entertainment system and technology. Latest electronic control panels, speakers, smart devices and smart televisions are all installed in the luxury penthouses which can provide you entertainment during your stay at home. 

These penthouses and presidential suites have specifically focused on the bathroom which makes them differentiating from other accommodations. For instance, these penthouses are equipped with separate glass enclosed shower, bog soaking tubs with television, marble fixtures, rain showers, steam baths, adequate vanity space and separate sitting area. All these features reflect the high standard lifestyle for those who prefer living in these penthouses. 

Penthouses and Presidential Suites for Rent in Dubai

Luxury booking is offering you affordable as well as top rated penthouses for rent in Dubai. These luxury penthouses can help you creating memorable memories of your trip to Dubai because of the high life conveniences and stunning views that these penthouses offer. We are offering rental penthouses in different areas of Dubai such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers etc., where you can spend your vacations and spend a luxurious high standard lifestyle all at once. The interior layout as well as the architectural design of these presidential suites and penthouses are providing exceptional experience for its residents. 

These presidential suites and penthouses are luxurious, affordable, and have airy rooms and offer crucial amenities like gym, daycare units, swimming pool, grocery store etc. On top of that, the view of the skyline of Dubai from the windows of the rooms of these penthouses is breathtaking and incredible that will persist in your memory for a long time. These penthouses are well equipped with all the necessities and embrace finished and high quality interior. 

Book Now! – Luxury Penthouse for Rent

Luxury Bookings is offering you the opportunity of booking a luxury penthouse for rent in Dubai. You can discover new things while your stay in Dubai if you opt for booking beach view penthouses for rent in Dubai. You can just plan ahead or you can decide today to book a luxury penthouse for your stay in Dubai on rent. Luxury bookings do not refrain from changing the dates of your arrival or cancelling the order entirely. That’s your choice, your decision and your way in which we can help you!

 So, all you need to do is to go through the exclusive and exceptional offers of rental penthouses in Dubai and ring us! We are waiting to provide you with the best possible services to you.

Experience Premium Options with Luxury Penthouse and Presidential Suite Rentals In Dubai

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line accommodation for your trip to Dubai, it’s difficult to top the presidential suites available here. The only alternative would be a penthouse, which can be extended into a four-bedroom suite. A bespoke option for only those with the finest taste, you get to enjoy an incredible view of the Arabian Gulf through luxury presidential suites rentals in Dubai.

Each of the rooms is curated with attention, and most options come with multiple rooms so they’re ideal for you and your guests.

Enjoy The Top-of-The-Line Luxury Penthouse and Presidential Suite Rentals In Dubai

The luxury penthouse rentals in Dubai with Luxury Bookings are all located in ideal locations, so you can experience the best that the city has to offer from up close. Rent a room from our collection of premium accommodations today. If you need further information about any of our listings and services, our support team will be more than happy to help you.
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