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Wild Wadi in Dubai

Wild wadi is a water theme park located in Dubai. It is the most entertaining and interesting theme park with lots of rides and eccentric slides. The United Arab Emirates has the world’s best waterparks where you can experience a lot of thrilling rides and adventurous activities. Wild Wadi Waterpark is at the top of list and it is famous for its interesting slides and rides. This beautiful and amusement water park is situated across the gorgeous Burj Al Arab. So, you can see Burj Al Arab view from the fantastic rides of wild wadi parks. If you want to spend your vacations in Dubai and want to explore new and entertaining places in Dubai, you should visit Wild Wadi Park Dubai once in your life. For the ticket booking or for getting the complete guideline about this park you can visit us. At “Luxury Bookings”, we provide the facility to book your tickets for wild wadi Dubai online at any place at any time.

Why You Must Visit Dubai Wild Wadi?

There are many other attractive and amazing places to visit in this golden city of the United Arab Emirates. But among all the popular places you should visit this Wild Wadi Park Dubai. Here you can also experience the Jumeirah Sceirah which is the fastest and tallest free-fall water slide outside America. You can also experience more than 30 rides in this park and make your entire day memorable. You can spend a maximum of 4 to 6 hours in Dubai Wild Wadi. If you want to consolidate the epinephrine or have a relaxing day with your family you should book an adventure at Wild Wadi in Dubai for your entire family.  Pre-tickets booking for Wild Wadi you can contact us and can get all the essential information about the rides, timing and ticket cost of this water theme park.

Adventurous Rides of Dubai Wild Wadi

Paragliding booking is a very easy task nowadays you can easily book your tickets from anywhere at any time. In the digital world you can easily book your tickets for this thrilling activity online but they just book the tickets and this can make your activity horrible because you don’t know the service provider’s authenticity. But Luxury Bookings always ensure to get you the most secure and authentic activities with professionals. After booking for Sky Safari Emirates you are not allowed to cancel your booking after confirmation. The cost of a ticket for paragliding varies with duration of ride along with the age of the rider. If you want to capture your whole experience it will take extra charges and you are able to get the detailed video of your whole experience.

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  • Burj Surj is another adventurous ride you can experience in this water park. You will start the Burj Surj ride in a shared tube and you will plunge down with a large water slide. After that you will travel through two spiraling spins before embarking on another waterslide that will drop you in an amazing water pool.  There are a maximum of five seats in one Burj Surj tube. So, you can take this ride with your family members and with your best friends together. People of all ages can experience this adventurous ride. 
  • Juhas dhow and lagoon is the most interesting area of this park where you can experience more than 100 water activities. This play zone is highly recommended for young children because it contains small water slides, racing slides and dumping buckets.


Water Park Booking in Dubai

If you want to spend your holidays in Dubai and want to make your tour unbelievable you can visit a luxury booking website. Water Park booking in Dubai is not difficult in this advanced digital world. If you will not book your tickets online you can buy your tickets directly at the entrance of the park through a person who is always available at the entrance. If you book your ticket online you will get the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets through luxury booking. You will get a 10% discount if you book an adventure water park wild wadi in Dubai through our website. 

Advantages of Wild Wadi Park Booking

There are many advantages of wild wadi park booking. You can enjoy a lot of thrilling rides in this water park at very affordable prices. This outdoor water park is great fun for young and adults. If you stay in Jumeirah beach hotel you will get free entry in this park. If you want to avoid crowds you should visit this park on Friday morning because on that day you can experience all the rides without waiting in long queues.

Paragliding in Dubai

Paragliding in Dubai

Paragliding in Dubai

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