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Jet Ski in Dubai

See the sites of Dubai from the water on this Jet Ski tour along the city’s waterfront. Choose from a variety of morning departure times and take in the view of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline while following a certified guide. Stop in front of the famous Burj Al Arab, a symbol of modern Dubai and the third-tallest hotel in the world. Bring a camera to capture incredible photos. Suitable for all skill levels. A safety briefing, instruction, and equipment are included. Enjoy a Jet Ski tour along Dubai’s waterfront Choose from multiple morning departure times Experience breathtaking waterfront views Jet Ski equipment and instruction included

Among all the amazing and entertaining water sports, Dubai Jet Ski ride is the most popular activity to experience. It is quite popular among the lovers of water and adrenaline sports. If you want to fully enjoy this activity you should experience it at the most famous and adventurous city of the United Arab Emirates which is obviously Dubai. You can spend your holidays in Dubai in the most effective and entertaining way if you will experience jet skiing during your visit in Dubai. If you want to experience this water sport activity, just visit our luxury booking website. Luxury booking agency is always available to provide all the essential instructions which need to be followed during the tour along with easy booking of tickets.

Guideline for Beginners

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, we recommend you to experience Dubai Jet Ski sports. The level of entertainment and fun depends upon the condition of your watercraft so you should book the best watercraft for your first experience. You should book your tickets for morning time because in the morning you can avoid a lot of crowd and can experience your ski jet sports in a more comfortable and confident way. At “Luxury Bookings”, our instructors will always be with you to provide all the necessary information about Jet Ski driving. You have to drive your jet on your own, so you should read and keep essential instructions in your mind before driving a watercraft.

Take Safety Seriously

When you are ready to go for your Jet Ski sport you should take all the essential safety measurements. 

  • You must check your watercraft before starting your activity. If you purchased a personal jet ski you should check all the parts of your jet ski for example wiring, plug, sparks etc. 
  • If you booked your tickets through a luxury booking website you have no need to be worried. We ensure that the company we are associated with, will also check all the aspects and also the level of fresh fuel in your jet. Your only concern will be to drive your watercraft carefully. 
  • You should wear an appropriate suit according to the demand of this sport. You must wear a life jacket and bathing suit for your safety. 
  • During your Jet Ski drive you should be very careful and watch out for other watercraft users to save yourself from any collision.  All these instructions are available on our luxury booking website which you must read before your jet ski Dubai booking. 
  • If you are a heart patient and have aquaphobia you should avoid experiencing this activity. You should also drive slowly if you are doing this activity for the first time especially when approaching the dock and also take turns slowly.

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Riding a Dubai Jet Ski

It is not very difficult to drive a Jet Ski if you have ever ridden a bumper car. You just need to learn basic skills of how to handle the Jet Ski craft while driving. It is not a very laborious task. Jet skis consist of some functional buttons and they also contain a handlebar in place of the steering wheel.  You cannot reverse a jet ski and you use the throttle to operate this watercraft. It is just like a motorbike that can ride on water just like other water boats. If you are not familiar with all this necessary information you don’t need to worry, an expert team will be there to guide you.

Jet Ski Booking Dubai

Jet Ski Dubai booking is a very easy task through a luxury booking website. You can book your tickets online and can get special discounts and special services for pre booking. Our luxury booking agency will provide you with all the important information about Jet Ski tours and will provide you with a special Jet Ski trainer who will guide you before Jet Ski driving. For Jet Ski booking Dubai your age should be more than 16 years if you are doing this activity alone. Riders with age below 16 years should bring a co-rider along with them for accompaniment. Tickets will be separate for both partners. So, whenever you visit Dubai don’t forget to book your Jet Ski online booking from 

Rules to follow for Jet Ski Dubai Booking:

  • You should bring your id card or international passport if you are not a citizen of Dubai.
  • It’s necessary to wear a life jacket, without a life jacket they won’t allow you.
  • Your age must be 18 years or above 18 years for solo riding. 

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Jet Ski in Dubai

Jet Ski in Dubai

Jet Ski in Dubai

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