Luxury Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

The iconic Hot Air Balloon tour in Dubai is a fabulous activity for an adventure. The breathtaking view of the sun rising or setting over the golden desserts is a view to behold from the land. To view the scene from the Hot Air Balloon adds another angle to this beautiful experience. Also, watching the enormous sand dunes in Dubai over the Hot Air Balloon is adequate enough for anyone to start the planning for a Dubai trip.

Dubai is considered the fourth most visited city in the globe. Dubai is a center of adventure seekers and party goers. If you are an adventure seeker and want to have some good time. Then it is a great activity for you and it gives you thrills to begin with. The Hot Air Balloon activity begins around October and continues till the summer season. 

Luxury Booking offers adventures Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Whether it is luxury hotels, luxury car rides, or any activity in Dubai, always offer the best options for their clients around the world. This time is offering a customized Hot Air Balloon Adventure for their adventure lover clients. Just pack your bags and visit to plan your Dubai trip. With enjoy the high life of Dubai adventure.

Overview of Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

  • The concept of Hot Air Balloon was introduced in 2005 and with the increase in time, it has gained popularity. In Dubai, the height of a Hot Air Balloon is 1,219 meters above the lang. 
  • Dubai is considered the main spot where you can enjoy the falcons, flying at a high height of 1000 meters.
  • You can also enjoy the adventurous desert animals like gazelles, oryx and camels.
  • Most of the Hot Air Balloon firms offer hour long rides but they can be customized according to your choices.    

Leading Hot Air Balloon Operators in Dubai

  1. Balloon Adventures Emirates

This is the first leading company that starts Hot Air Balloon rides in Dubai. They offer different packages for tourists to pick the best one. Furthermore, to ensure your safety the company has well trained professionals and focus on regular maintenance of balloons such as inspection on a daily basis. You can also enjoy the gourmet dinner in the heritage place along with a Hot Air Balloon ride, you will pass by the falcon and Safari desert. To experience this marvelous activity you are pickup from your hotel early in the morning. After 35 minutes you will meet with your pilot, here he will guide you to all basic security and safety briefing. When you will up the air, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes. Here you can get an opportunity to see the falcon along with you. 

  1. Luxurious Sindbad Gulf Balloon Ride

This is another top company that offers breathtaking Hot Air Balloon rides, located in the Makateb building, Al Maktoum, Dubai. This firm has many expert trainers who can make your riding experience very pleasant. They give you very comfortable iconic Hot Air Balloon trips. They offer the ride only in the morning to make sure of several conditions because the desert looks most beautiful in the morning time. Along with the amazing ride you can also enjoy the gourmet dinner, tour of Safari and falcon show. They also entertain the visitors with a wide variety of packages. 

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For those tourists who want a comfortable ride, this ride will be a great choice for a Hot Air Balloon tour in Dubai. Their aim is to provide high quality experience where your safety and security will be first priority. They have an enormous balloon that is enough to carry 21 passengers in one ride. During this amazing Hot Air Balloon ride, you can enjoy the falcon show and see the breathtaking Safari desert, mouthwatering snacks, camel ride and free wifi.

  1. Amigos Balloon Ride

The Amigos balloon is one of the great providers in Dubai city, their main purpose is to offer you a unique and marvelous experience during your Hot Air Balloon tour. You can enjoy the flight for 2 to 3 hours with unique and innovative services. To ensure the safety of tourists, the skilled pilots of Amigos balloons assess the annual test. You will be picked up by Bin Sougat Building near Nad Al Hamer road. The tourists have three options regarding the hot balloon ride choices. First, when you are ready to share your balloon with others, second you have a chance to share the balloon with your favorite person and the third is you have a chance to book your favorite flight slot while taking the various weather conditions into account. You can also book the privilege hot balloon tour where you will enjoy breakfast during the ride. 

Hot Air Balloon Booking in Dubai

Dubai is a marvelous spot to enjoy all kinds of adventurous experiences in which Hot Air Balloon ride is one of them. The Hot Air Balloon activity in Dubai is very popular. Next time if you visit Dubai do not forget to add Hot Air Balloon activity in your bucket list. Here you can capture the heartfelt moments in your heart for a lifetime. Due to the high demands and crowded schedules of Hot Air Balloon tours, sometimes it can be difficult to get the tickets. So, it will be good for you if you get your tickets in advance. 

Do not waste your precious time and visit this official website, it will give the all important details of booking criteria. Grab your bookings beforehand and enjoy the breathtaking experience. 

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