Luxury Desert Safari: Exploring the High-End Side of Dubai’s Desert

What is Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is one of the famous activities in Dubai that lets visitors discover the elegant landscape of desert surrounding the city. There are various types of Desert Safari choices available in Dubai, ranging from relaxed weekend tours to more exciting and energetic adventures. One of the most conventional manners to experience the desert is through a 4×4 Desert Safari tour. These tours generally contain a drive through the desert in a rocky, jeep or dune buggy, authorizing visitors to enjoy the desert’s mountainous beauty up close. The tour may also contain stops at numerous points of interest, for example, camel farms, dune bashing (riding over sand bars in a 4×4), and sand boarding (riding down sand mountains on a board). Another famous Desert Safari option is a camel ride. These tours permit visitors to discover the desert with the ride of a camel, observing the life of traders of this region. Camel rides may also be combined with other different types of activities, for instance a desert picnic or a visit to a traditional dweller of desert’s camp. For those searching for a more easy going and relaxed desert experience, there are also various sunset and evening Desert Safaris options available. These tours generally include a relaxed and gentle drive through the desert as the sun sets, together with a traditional Arabic BBQ dinner at night. All things considered, Desert Safari is a must-do activity for each and every person visiting Dubai. Whether you are searching for an exciting adventure or a leisurely evening in the desert, there are various safari choices to suit every taste. The glamorous desert landscape and exclusive cultural experiences make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Whatever Dubai Desert Safari version you select to go with, you are in for a memorable experience. This actually is an ultimate activity that you only have to add in your Dubai tour. But which Dubai Desert Safari is the best option for you? In this blog, we share our personal experience in Dubai Desert Safari

The Luxury Desert Safari Experience

We got a guide for our tour to the Desert Safari in Dubai. He is a very knowledgeable guy, and he explained each and every thing, when we were on the way to the desert. He not only explained about the Desert Safari tour, but also told us a lot about Dubai such as its culture, traditions, customs, food, etc.

Tall buildings of Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa, broad empty roads, tracks of camel racing, beautiful villas, the scene out of my window was changing rapidly and then it was largely sand on both sides of the road.

Our first stop was Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The guy (who is the guide of our tour) professionally put scarves on our heads and we began our drive through the natural sand dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with countless stops for pictures and wildlife spotting. All that very far from the comfort of an air-conditioned and luxurious life of the city.  We also spotted some wild insects such as a wild spiny-tailed lizard, gazelles and oryxes.

After  that, we were brought to an open air lounge, which was elegantly set up on the sand. It is time for sunset starters with sparkling dates and apple drinks along with a sports show. We were informed largely about how the tribesmen of Arabs used to capture and train falcons. The informational session was continued by a prey catching show and Summer the falcon delivered us a  great performance.

We also got a little bit diverted towards the end of the conversation with the trainer of falcons, when a large number of camels were brought towards our open air lounge. We loved to ride a camel. So we took a camel ride and the standing and sitting down moments were amazing and felt like a wild roller coaster.

The Oasis:-

The sun was setting when we reached our private desert which was an oasis. Before now, it all began to feel like a dream. We were sitting on a camel, traveling through the desert. The weather was too beautiful, the sunset well timed and the place where we were heading could not feel any more fitting. Also, the fact that on that night it was only us two on the Oasis and no other people created the entire experience felt even more special.

We were welcomed to the oasis in a classical and conventional way, with dates and spiced Arabic coffee which is the famous starter dish of Dubai. Many lanterns, sand mountains around us, a little pond in the middle and private tables set around the whole place. In that calm and peaceful setting we had a delicious multi course dinner. Shorbat adas soup along with salads, kibbeh, hummus, stuffed peppers, variety of breads, spinach sambousek, fresh camel meat dish and this was only a start. These all are one of the famous and traditional dishes of Dubai. We had a break to watch a famous Arab dance and get a henna tattoo. And then the fantastic meal, which is made and cooked in a camp kitchen of the desert, continued. For our mains, we select Australian Angus Steak and Arabic Spiced Chicken. We were really full by that point but still could not say no to desserts. Particularly, to legimat which was the famous Arabic style doughnuts, drizzled with honey and date syrup.

After that delicious dinner, we laid down on the carpets and listened to the silence of the deserts.

Best Affordable Desert Safaris in Dubai:-

1. Dubai Desert Safari Red Dune: BBQ, Camel Ride and Sandboarding:

This evening Desert Safari provides the whole experience at a very convenient rate. It contains pick up and drop off facilities, red dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding along with the session of sunset photography. It comes in an activity only version and activities together with dinner along with a Tanoura and belly dancing as well as a fire show.

2. Morning Safari, Sandsurf and Camels at Al Khayma:-

The classic version of this morning safari desert contains pick ups and drop offs facilities, dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding and drinks. For an addition, you can also include an authentic Arabian Brunch at the Al Khayma Heritage House in the Al Fahidi Historical District in Dubai. You can also enjoy the dinner there during your trip.

3. Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari: Camel Ride, Sand Boarding and BBQ Options:

Another convenient and reliable evening Desert Safari tour that is available in two different versions. The activity concentrated standard four hours program is available in pick up and drop off, dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, a stop for sunset photography sessions and drinks. You can also enjoy a traditional dinner, dance performances, henna and shisha.

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