A Beginner’s Guide to Jet Skiing in Dubai: Tips, Tricks, and Safety Precautions

Jet skiing in Dubai is extremely fun, that is except for when someone gets hurt. We do not want anyone to get injured on the coastline of Dubai, which is the reason why we provide all of our riders a training course in jet skiing in Dubai before flying in the open sky. No experience is required to ride a jet ski in Dubai, however renting a jet ski in Ocean City, but you have to pay close attention to the safety guidelines or precautions of jet skiing in Dubai. Prior to heading out on the water for fun with your family and friends, one of our employees will give you and any other jet ski operator in your group, a safety course.

Guideline for Jet Skiing in Dubai:

Here’s a sample of the guidelines we’ll talk about before you begin your jet ski adventure.

1. Always wear a life jacket:

Before going to the jet skiing, always wear a life jacket and make sure that its straps are closed tightly and fits your properly, as Life jackets which are too large or too small will not work as efficiently.

2. Keep your distance from within reach jet skis and other types of watercraft:

You should keep a safe distance from other jet skiers, along with all other watercraft, providing you with sufficient time to stop in the condition of any emergency and avoid an accident. Avoid wake jumping, splashing, and going close to any other vessels. Odyssea Watersports in Dubai has a rule of keeping a distance of approximately 200 ft away from anything on the water.

3. Be Careful and Aware of your Surroundings:

Consistently chase up each and every direction for close by swimmers, jet skiers, boats, and other vessels. You should not get Tunnel Vision! Tunnel Vision is when you just see what is directly against you and you become uninformed of what may be next to you or behind you. Without exception look in all directions to prevent any accidents.

4. Examine your Speed:

Manage a slow speed as far as you are in the open water with open sky and away from shore. Always go at a safe speed and be prepared to slow down or stop in any case of an emergency. You maintain the speed that you are convenient with. In case that you want to just drift at slow speed, which is completely alright. Once you feel convenient and comfortable you can increase the speed but only in case you want to. There is not any speed limit however renting jet skis in Ocean City, Maryland Dubai but you require to drive efficiently.

5. Never drinking during drive:

Drinking during boating or jet skiing in Dubai may not sound as severe as drinking although driving a car, but consumption of alcohol is in fact one of the key factors of boating and jet ski accidents in Dubai or any other city. Just as it does in a car, drinking reduces your judgment behind the wheel of a boat or jet ski, that is the reason why every state has laws and regulations against BUI. In case that  you do not turn out to be in an accident, Boating Under the impact can have serious legal effects.

6. Check for required equipment:

It is necessary to check for the equipment in your Jet skiing in Dubai before getting into the sea and ensure you have the list of necessary requirements. Before you get into the Jetski in Dubai, look for the following;

  •  Life Jacket.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Whistle or air horn.
  • Registration numbers.
  • Safety lanyard.
  • Mirrors.
  • A dry bag.
  • Anchor and Baylor.
  • Skier down flag.

Your instructor will clarify the functions or objectives of having each of these before you start your Dubai Jet ski ride. Once you have confirmed the above equipment for Jetski ride in Dubai, you can prepare yourself to get into the Dubai Jetski.

7. Prepare Yourself:

Dubai Jet Ski

After the completion of the checking of equipment, you are required to prepare yourself to get on board. Must wear your life jacket and do not take it off at any point during the jet ski ride as it can support you from drowning in case you fall. Keep your whistle attached to your jacket as you can pick it up easily and rapidly if you need any help. Keep a map or a GPS, mobile phone or camera, ID in your dry bag. By this manner, you can capture the panoramic views during the time you are in the center of the ocean and find your pathway back in case even if you failed to recognize the directions.

8. Adhere to rules:

During jet skiing in Dubai, you will be informed with a list of don’ts or warnings to make sure maximum safety for the jet ski ride. Drinking and driving are strictly prohibited with their increased risk for injuries and accidents.  This rule is significant for the rider or a passenger on the back. You should not take the jet ski in Dubai after sunset, as it is dangerous to ride a Jet ski with dark and fog around you. Furthermore, you are required to carry people as per the instructions and not take more people to influence the balancing of your watercraft.

9. Keep away from unnecessary risks:

As your first Jetski ride in Dubai will be enjoyable and overwhelming, you might feel like

trying out various things you have seen in different videos or vlogs on social media channels. Even so, this is not a pretty good idea as it can cause harm and accidents that can damage not only you but also some other boat or rider passing close to you. It would be great in case you avoided racing or trying different tricks while you are jetskiing for your safety.

10. Be careful and remain safe:

Staying alert is important while Jet Skiing in Dubai, particularly for beginners. You require

to be aware of the other boats, Jet Skis, wake-boarders on the water. This will support you in avoiding accidents or collisions. Always lift your head and look down in the distance to keep your watercraft straight during jet ski ride. This will support you, drive straight and enjoy. And you will not miss the amazing and attractive views that you are passing by.

Sooner or later, jet skiing in Dubai can be an engrossing activity that allows you to explore the beautiful coastline of this energetic city, Dubai. Although, it is important to put safety first and abide by the directives given by the Dubai Maritime City Authority. You may have a safe and fun jet ski ride by wearing a life jacket, using a kill switch, checking the weather, keeping a safe distance from other of your fellows, and respecting marine life.

Price of  Dubai Jet Ski:

  • You can enjoy jet skiing in Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai for 30 minutes at a price of 370 AED.
  • In Jumeirah Beach Residence, you can enjoy jet skiing for 1 hour at an average price of 630 AED.
  • In Palm Jumeirah, you can take this ride for 2 hours at a price of approximately 935 AED.

Jet Ski Rental rules in Dubai:-

  • The jet ski rental company in Dubai must be authorized and licensed by the Government of Dubai.
  • You are required to show your Emirates ID or international passport in case you want to take a jet ski in Dubai.
  • Age limit is 16+ years old.

Places for Jet ski rental in Dubai:-

There are various beaches in Dubai to ride a jet ski, some of which are discussed below,

1. Al Mamzar Beach Park:-

Al Mamzar which is situated in Dubai is famous for family and friends gatherings and its affordable priced jet ski choices. Furthermore, except jet skiing, there are a variety of water sports on offer along with beautifully manicured gardens for picnic or BBQ purpose.

2. La Mer Beach:-

If you are looking for an adventurous place, then La Mer beach is the best option for you. Including water spots, there are also lots of retail stores and restaurants here at this is a completely insta worthy location. This is a best place for full day picnic or relaxation.

3. Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach resort (JBR):-

Dubai Marina is one of the most famous locations in Dubai for jet skiing. It is also an affordable location as many people can easily afford picnics or get togethers here.

4. Umm Suqeim:-

Umm Suqeim is one of the ideal places for jet skiing in Dubai. Enjoy the elegant backdrop of the Burj Al Arab and access to the most reliable jet ski rental companies from Umm Suqeim fishing Harbor Marina.

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