Where to Find the Luxury Apartments for Rent in Dubai?

Dubai is no stranger to extravagant residence or apartments innumerable of which have tremendous price to square footage ratios. During this time, most of the celebrities and billionaires keep up to seize the most luxurious apartments of Dubai, there are yet a great deal of preferences for tenants with bulging purses.

Finding the best apartment in Dubai is a difficult job because you have to figure out each and every thing or the considering apartment, but the options of luxury apartments for rent in Dubai are genuinely amazing. Basement or floor to topside covering windows on the top levels presenting inclusive views of one of the incredibly ravishing urban environments on the planet. Sensual kitchens that chefs in the outstanding dining rooms on Earth would envy. Excessive space because we are talking about millions of square feet, exceptional than the moderate house.

If you want to experience the best luxury living in Dubai, you should consider the options of renting an apartment. Some overwhelming opportunities are convenient for luxury apartments for rent in Dubai. 

Here we are helping in figuring out the best Apartment in Dubai by providing a list of the first-rate neighborhoods and buildings.

1.  Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world and it is also one of the most popular places in Dubai. There are 900 Apartments available for Rent in Burj Khalifa . These apartments recommend incomparable views of the city of Dubai. Revolutionary fitness facilities, internal or external swimming pools, plunge baths, a library, a gourmet shop and a meeting area provided for residents are among the many exclusive luxuries that the fortunate dweller can enjoy in the Burj Khalifa.

The magnificent tower of Burj Khalifa is surrounded by appealing towers. The Armani Hotel is situated in the first 37 levels. Onward with the Armani Hotel, Swimming Pools, a spa and a club for burj sports are located. People who are the residents of apartments of Burj Khalifa have the advantage of direct approach to Dubai Mall and they have plenty of entertainment options and quality of food in the building. An art and culture place is also present at a very short distance from Burj Khalifa.

There are many apartments for rent in Burj Khalifa with panoramic views of the Dubai visible horizon and the Arabian Sea. The Apartments for rent in Burj Khalifa have an average cost of 141k for 1 bed-flats and 242k for 2 bedrooms flat.

2.  City Walk:

City Walk is a specifically designed corporate and residential community that was established and regulated by Meraas and is highlighted for its magnificence. Apartments in City Walk provide residents a wonderful area to stay, meetup, dinner and shopping and also spend good moments with their loved ones. The people who are living in apartments of City Walk enjoy an absolute approach to an attractive courtyard on the ground floor, public terraces with a huge common area, gyms and swimming pools also for children and play areas for kids. 

There are many apartments for rent in City Walk which combine luxury with bustle and lively surroundings. The apartments for rent in City Walk have average price of 1.5M for 1 bedroom and 3.1M for 2 bedrooms flat and apartments for rent has average cost about 151k for 1  bedroom and 191k for 2 bedrooms

3.  Bluewaters Residence:

Blue Water Residence permits its tenants to be satisfied with life’s incredible gratification. These Apartments for rent in Bluewaters Residence situated off the coastline of JBR across from the beach. These apartments offer a fantastic combination of Island and Lakeside way of living. On the other hand, Bluewaters Residents have many advantages for their residents including accessible entertainment facilities. There are various shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and other options of entertainment. The Apartments for rent in Bluewaters Residence have average cost about 271k for 1 bedroom and 368k for 2 bedrooms..

4.  The Address Sky View Towers:-

The Address Sky View Towers are located in Downtown Dubai. This location is a gracefully impressive work of architecture. The Address Sky View Tower  offers luxury apartments for rent and presents extraordinary views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. The apartments for rent in The Address Sky View Tower offer numerous amenities including a fully furnished fitness club and a completely facilitated pleasure balcony with water features. There is also a play area and swimming pools for children. People who want to interact can utilize the devoted spot of BBQ. Luxury Apartments for rent in the address sky view towers have average price around 288k for 2 bedrooms flat and 433k for 3 bedrooms flat.

5.  Cayan Tower:-

Cayan Tower which is situated in Dubai Marina is a remarkable region for dwelling. Cayan Tower offers many luxury apartments for rent in Dubai and this building is found in one of the best areas of Dubai. Correspondingly, the luxury apartments for rent in Cayan Tower are near to the majority of the city’s interest. The community recommends a collection of entertainment options and other resources that make the way of life here a lovely experience. The apartments of Cayan Tower have an admirable view of the Skyline in Dubai. 

The luxury apartments which are available for rent in Cayan Tower are well-constructed with floors of marble and smart home technology. The residence of Cayan Tower enjoys the top-class hotels, restaurants, excellent shopping centers and coastline cafes and top-rated schools are also near to the Cayan tower. The apartments for rent in Cayan tower offer one bedroom flat for 99k and 2 bedrooms flat for 139k.

6.  Seventh Heaven:

Seventh heaven in Al Barari contains an exclusive and engrossing architectural framework. The apartments in Seventh Heaven are enclosed by greenery and have first-class European finishes which increases the charm of these luxury apartments. While renting an apartment in Seventh Heaven, people can select from a diversification of dazzling layouts of 2 to 3 bedrooms and each bedroom consists of one bathroom. The apartments for rent in seventh heaven are expensive i.e. 1 bedroom for 120k and 2 bedrooms for 280k.

7.  D1 Tower:

D1 Tower is located near the Palazzo Versace Hotel which is a famous and 5-Star hotel. The residents who spend their life in the apartments of D1 Tower enjoy extensive views of the Skyline of Dubai. D1 Tower is one of the most famous luxury developments in Dubai. The D1 Tower has 80 floors with nine high-speed elevators. There is a relaxation deck, backyards and swimming pools available for the enjoyment of residents. The apartments of rent in D1 Tower have very high prices due to their captivating location i.e 110k for 1 bedroom apartment and 170k for 2 bedrooms apartment.


If you want to rent an Apartment in Dubai but you are confused while choosing the location. You should choose that location from where all necessary spots are close to you and rent is in your budget.

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