3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Sharjah

If you are working in the United Arab Emirates and searching for a convenient stay then Sharjah is the best choice for you. A 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Sharjah is a great choice if you are living with a large family.

It is clear that the bigger an apartment is, the more adaptable it becomes for its tenants. Large apartments such as 3 bedroom apartments are an excellent option for those who require large space but do not have any plan of upgrading to a house. In situations like this, these broad apartments can literally be a flipside to private residences and villas, specifically for migrants or families looking for an affordable option of accommodation yet without disturbing the comfort of their family.

Rental price of 3 bedroom apartment in Sharjah

The Al Majaz is one of the most important areas in Sharjah to rent a 3 bedroom apartment. Al Majaz constitutes a 231,000 square feet area beside the Khalid Lagoon. By living in this area, you can enjoy the waterfront neighborhood. The average rental price of a 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Al Majaz Sharjah typically starts from Dh 46,000 per year.

Al Qassimiya is also one of the most affordable locations to rent 3 bedroom apartments in Sharjah. Al Qassimiya is near King Faisal Road, Abdul Aziz road and Al Estiqlal road. The average rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in Al Qasimia starts from Dh 38,000 per year.

Al Yarmook is a small area in Sharjah. Al Yarmook is considered as one of the most inexpensive areas in Sharjah to rent. This area is close to Mega Mall which is one of the most famous malls in Sharjah. The average rental cost of a 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Sharjah is Dh 33,000 per year.

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