1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a big city to discover inexpensive and affordable 1 bedroom apartments for rent. Abu Dhabi has various choices to select from, with different locations, luxuries and costs. If you are in search of the perfect 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi, there are numerous options to pick out from. From extravagant apartments with stunning landscapes of the city outline to many more accessible choices that yet provide great luxuries and convenience.

Abu Dhabi is an accommodation to some of the greatest residential districts in all around the world and you can also discover luxurious 1 bedroom apartment for rent filled with unlimited amenities in impressive locations. As you begin observing different areas, concentrate on their closeness to shopping centers, parks, schools and other places that may be crucial for your way of living. For instance, if you want a 1 bedroom apartment for rent near Downtown Abu Dhabi, then you should think about areas such as Khalidiya or Al Mina where numerous restaurants and places of entertainment are situated within a short distance offering easier access from your apartment.

Many 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi come luxurious with latest appliances and facilities, like internet access, cable TV and air conditioning etc. average rental cost for 1 bedroom apartment in Abu Dhabi can start from approximately AED 2,415 per month for smaller apartments and AED 15,833 for larger and more lavish apartments in famous areas such as Al Reem island and Al Batten Marina.

If you rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Abu Dhabi, you will never regret in your life when you observe the various advantages that these apartments have to provide. Abu Dhabi is famous for its hot weather, sandy beaches, and advanced architecture. Consequently, it is a perfect location for those looking to spend a thrilling way of living. 

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